Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Back at MCP and first cupping experience

Monday Jan 20: Off
Tuesday Jan 21: 60 min spin session & mini weight training session
Wednesday Jan 22: Weight training and ankle rehab session
Thursday Jan 23: 60 min spin session
Friday Jan 24: Marin County Parks
Saturday Jan 25: 30 min run at CCSF Track & cupping therapy.
Sunday Jan 26: Off

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 9 - January 19

Thursday 9: 60 min spin
Friday 10:
Saturday 11: 60 min spin & ankle rehab session
Sunday 12: Ankle rehab session
Monday 13: 60 min spin
Tuesday 14: Ankle rehab session & strength training session
Wednesday 15: 60 min spin & 60 min walk on track
Thursday 16: 40 min walk on track
Friday 17: 60 min spin & 40 min walk at track
Saturday 18: 
Sunday 19: 50 min spin & 60 min walk at Marin w/ Eric & Ana

Injury update.

Is been a long time since i have posted any updates on this blog. For awhile i was forced to prioritize my time and energy to other areas in my life not to say more important but more important for the moment.

One update on my "injury" is that i'm getting better from my ankle injury. I have seen more progress in the last two weeks than i did in the previous 9 months. What was my injury? Initially it was a nasty ankle sprain that healed with almost no rehab whatsoever. My bad! After that, i got into a cycle of fear with every step that took me to loose confidence on my body and agility. This is a condition that Joe Uhan extensibly wrote about on one of his Irunfar articles. To make it short, this is a mental thing. After an injury, your brain sends messages that give a warning of potential danger in the affected area. I caught myself clenching certain muscles on my legs and that causes compensation by another and creates an imbalance that just gets worst with time. This causes pain and inflammation and  prevents it from healing properly. Check it out in this link.

Another update is that i have been active on my fitness for the last four months. And for this reason i feel stronger than i have been in the entire time i have been running ultras. I have worked on the specific, small things, as with the larger things too. The only thing i have not done enough is on mobility, the reason is because of my injury obviously. I am excited about 2014 and the races i have registered for and that's precisely my next update.

I registered for four races for the first half of the year.
Feb- Golden Gate 50k
Mar- Way Too Cool 50k
Apr- Grizzly Peak 50k
May- Miwok 100k
I may or may not run the Golden Gate, i will have to make a decision as i get closer to the date. It should be a good 2014.

One thing i want to point out is that i have found a training routine/schedule that works very well for me. I have found that on my race training before this injury i used to run or do something every day and i was going into trainings exhausted. Now i have been doing a specific training every other day and i feel great, with lots of energy to push beyond to 90 to 100% of my max. Before i wasn't able to do that because i was exhausted to begin with. This i giving me good results. I try to fill in the days i don't train with stretching, icing, foam rolling and all of the other important stuff that complements a runner's life.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 1-- December 13 - 15

Friday 13: 30 minute run on the CCSF football lawn, felt good. Felt my shins adjusting from the work Dr. Heather has been doing.
Saturday 14: 45 minute morning spinning session. Felt good, legs strong and not even short of breath considering the lack of cardio for a few weeks.
Sunday 15: 30 minute run at the CCSF football lawn, felt ok. I did feel a horrific sharp pain in my right groin for the second time now this week. I felt it when i did a squat. I also felt it while i stretched swinging my leg too far from one side to the other. I did a groin stretch on my back bending legs towards my chest and pulling my knees down and out and i did not feel the pain. Not sure what it is.

Good half week of tune-up. Hope to polish the little things bothering me. Hopefully one day i will be pain free to really challenge myself. Ankle is improving, i now am 100% certain that i cannot cure my injury 100% without doing any running during the rehab. I need to combine biking, running, cross training, yoga, stretching, icing, massage and whatever else i can think might help. Will start training for the races i have registered for. I will run Way Too Cool in March and Miwok 100k in May. I also registered for the Golden Gate 50k in February and the Grizzly Peak 50k in April to prepare for both. Can't wait for 2014 to start, will have to train hard and smart to make this happen. I will give my best


Running: two 30 minute sessions
Spinning: one 45 minute session 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 8

Monday: Wanting to go for a light cardio run to get the blood flowing for recovering i went for a half an hour run that started from the house and made it to the CCSF Track. Either the mile from home to the track or wearing the Cascadia shoes had a negative effect. At minute 18, starting from the house, i started to feel sharp pain in my lateral side of my right ankle a bit towards my achilles tendon. I immediately stopped and had a short stretch and called it a night. Went home wondering if it was caused because i was wearing different shoes from the ones i wear for running nowadays or because of the impact of running on the pavement from home to the track.
Tuesday: Had a 30 minute run this morning at the CCSF Track. Did not feel too much pain or sharp pain at all. I was wearing my Montrail shoes and was surprised to see that i did not experience pain at all. Not sure of the pavement impact. I will think about experimenting running on my Montrail shoes from home to the track to find out what was bothering me yesterday. Interesting stuff.
Wednesday: Good full day of work at Marin County Parks. 3 mile run with San Francisco Running Company. Felt good out there.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Marin County Parks full day of work.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Felt a bit off after the run on Wednesday. Don't know what is up, i felt weak all week after that.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back to running - Week 6 and 7

Monday: Made it to physical therapy at the hospital and was examined by the physical therapist. She had me do a bunch of walking, skipping, shuffling etc...workouts on the hallway. Different movements that she was closely analyzing behind and on front of me. We talked for a while and i was able to tell her extensively about the ankle and she told me to come back in 3 days on Thursday and that i go for a little run before coming in. She said to run to the point where it starts to hurt a bit and then walk for a bit and run again as soon as it feels better. We went over the x-rays i took last month and she did not see anything out of the ordinary. All the gaps in-between the ankle bones are normal. She also mentioned i took enough time for my body to have recovered even from a stress fracture which is much more serious than my injury. She told me that i should record the duration of the run until it started to hurt and to write down what i felt. I will do that and get back to her on Thursday.
Tuesday: First running session at the CCSF track. 30 minutes with a 7 minute walk in-between. Ankle felt good more or less. My knees were the ones that felt a bit weird. Just little pulse pain here and there with sharp pinches here and there but not too bad. Felt normal considering the time i have been off from running.
Wednesday: Second running session at CCSF track. 10 minute warmup with different exercises and then 30 minute running session. First 12 minutes i felt a bit of a pulse on the back of my right knee but faded shortly after. Then my ankle started to hurt a bit. Right around the top of where the foot and ankle begins, a bit more on the left side. This is my affected right ankle by the way.
Thursday: Ran from home to the hospital to my appointment. 35 minute run, felt great.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off


Week 7

Monday: Off
Tuesday: CCSF track session, 30 minute running session on the football field. About 9 min/mile, felt good.
Wednesday: Long day of work at Marin County Parks.
Thursday: CCSF track 30 minute run with a short dynamic stretch before and after. The run was comfortable, minus the tight left knee. Ankle was ok, felt a bit of soreness but not too bad.
Friday: Long and tough day at Marin county parks today.
Saturday: 1 Hour long run in two sessions at the CCSF Track this morning. First session was 45 minutes and then i stretched for a bit and then continued with a 17 mile run which was pain free. Felt good most of the time. the first 20 minutes i felt a bit of tightness on my right knee. This tightness i felt it traveling from the lateral side of my knee down the shin towards the ankle. Could be shin splints. The ankle was a bit in pain from minute 15 to about 25 or 30. Afterwards it kinda faded away.
Sunday: CCSF Track running session. Started out with a 15 minute stretch and then a session of 30 minutes running. This first session felt ok, minor tightness but definitely less than yesterday. After first session i stretched for another 10 minutes and then ran a second 30 minute session feeling less and less of the tightness that i felt when i started. I definitely felt less tightness than yesterday and less pain on the ankle. The ankle pain never went over a 3 on the scale of 1-10 throughout the entire hour. Total time was 1 hour at 8:45 min/mile and with a total distance of 6:87 miles. So excited to be back at it.

Week 6: 3 running sessions of 30 minutes
Week 7: 2 running sessions of 30 minutes
               2 running sessions of 1 hour.
               2 tough days at Marin County Parks

Two weeks of experimenting with running and today i'm sitting here thinking about yesterday's 1 hour long run and this morning's 1 hour long run. Both runs felt great, the pain, tightness, twitches that i felt when i started have slowly faded away. A bit of tightness here and there but significantly less than when i started. Ankle has been tolerating more and more of the running (time and length). Need to make sure i ice after the runs and take care of any inflammation signs. Summarizing the two weeks i would say that my body needed to get back to running to adapt to running again. I just need to take it easy and not go all out in short time. I will gradually increase time based on how i feel. Next week i will go back to 30 minute runs a day for the week and then i will get back to an hour and make that my new base for a couple weeks. Good to be back.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 5

Monday: Rode to the gym (10 miles this time) and had an amazing gym workout + 30 minute bike session. Had a full workout focusing mainly on the gluts and ankles.
Tuesday: Excellent dynamic stretch at the gym and rode to Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and back home (14 miles).
Wednesday: Long day at Marin County Parks and made it to boot camp and spinning. I was tired from not sleeping well last night and the long day. Good effort at boot camp but spinning i took it easy the last 20 minutes. Didn't protect my ankle and i was just being careful, not worth risking all the progress i have made thus far. I hope i didn't do enough damage to regress on my progress. Will ice as long as i can tonight and tomorrow.
Thursday: Off, should not have made it to Boot camp or spinning yesterday. I was exhausted from Marin to begin with and had no time to rest or ice myself for a bit before going to the gym. I made it through boot camp ok but it was at spinning that i felt i pushed my self too much. 25 minutes before ending spinning i sat back from the bike and slowed things down. 15 minutes before the end i abandoned the class. I did not want to push my luck and further. Glad i did, i did a bit of damage on my ankle but not too much. Glad to see where my limit is.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Went to Mike's mountain bike race and tweaked my left knee. I was walking on the trail looking for the place on my phone and i stepped on a whole and my ankle rolled. My ankle did not hurt so much but my knee did. My knee tweaked and i felt it right away. It was painful when i extend my leg all the way and push my knee even further back. I felt this acute pain when i did that. After getting back i iced water my legs immediately. Pain was still there on my right knee.
Sunday: Off, pain is diminishing on my right knee.


Running: 0
Outdoor biking: 24 miles
Gym workout: 2
Boot camp: 1
Spinning: 1
Biking: 1 (30 minute session)