Thursday, September 29, 2011

SF City Run.

Anyone who knows San Francisco just a bit knows you take full advantage of a night in the mid 60 degrees with beautiful clear skies. Today i got home from class around 7:30pm and noticed it was full of lights out the window from Bernal Heights hills and also from the sky. I just couldn't let the opportunity to run in perfect weather slip away.

I took off at around 8pm and took the usual route Guerrero, Market, Embarcadero and back. The run turned out to be a couple hours long as i stopped by La Mar to say hi to my friend Alberto. Running to Embarcadero (around 7 miles from my place) was fun and the night turned out to be even better when i noticed other friends at La Mar. After 20 minutes at La Mar i took off and my run back turned out to be a little difficult as i hadn't taken a run in about 10 days. Last week i started Hot Yoga again and i enjoyed it so much that i completed 5 straight days and took my attention from running. At around mile 12 i felt the familiar soreness i feel when i stop running two weeks or more. My legs felt sore, my abs and feet. The last 2 miles was a matter of pushing through the pain. Total 14 miles today out of nowhere, sweet. Love this time of year in the city.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome to blogging!

I occasionally read the blogs of some ultra runners and enjoy their sharing of race information, nutrition, training etc...and after thinking about it for a while i decided i would create my own that will help me keep track of my training and special events in the trails. Being a private somewhat outgoing person, i find it a bit strange to publicize my every day activities to just about everyone interested. That being said, here we go.