Saturday, July 20, 2013

Northwest Road Trip and good news.

Friday July 19:
Have not posted anything in awhile so here is an update of the last couple months. I have been trying to get my injuries taken care of and to be healthy. At some point i have though that staying off my feet would be better off for me to recover. Ad so i did, i stayed off my feet and then in other occasions i have felt that i needed to be more active in my recovery and so i tried to do something about it. At this point i feel a lot better. what worked for me i'm not sure.

I also just got back from an awesome road trip with Karla that extended to 6 states. We started the trip at Boise Idaho then proceeded to the Tetons in Wyoming. After the Tetons we went to Yellowstone and Helena, Reding and Glacier in Montana. After Montana we drove to Seattle Washington and down south towards California. We stopped in Salem Oregon to visit my uncle and then made a quick stop at Ashland to see Roghe Valley Runner's. It was in time for lunch you know! Before we knew it we were back home, sweet foggy, cold summertime in San Francisco. Good to be back is something i will like to say and mean it.

I went out yesterday for a short workout at CCSF track and did a bit of a workout. Not too intense, just enough to feel good and short from being a training workout. I walked up and down the bleachers twice from one end to the other and felt ok. I also ran one mile on a 14 min/mile pace, 15 minutes, and i had minimal to no discomfort at all. That is great news. N ow the hardest part, not getting ahead off myself and start doing too much and re-injure myself. I must be vigilant about that.

Saturday July 20:

After the good news of yesterday i wanted to see if i could do a bit more and not aggravate my ankle. I woke up a bit early and it turned out to be Saturday morning, the possibility to make it for boot camp and spinning was there and so i decided to give it a try.

I started with 30 minute biking session before the classes and i felt ok, not too off the game. Boot camp came along and noticed a new instructor, young asian gentleman who was great. With a very simple workout routine he was able to push us to the limit, i noticed the machine, Veronica, not enjoying it at all. Long story short, we got our buts kicked.
John got in for spinning and immediately felt like he had a different game plan for summer sessions. He seems to be a bit more aggressive than usual. He pushed us super hard, i did not think that i was so out of shape like i felt. Considering i have been doing sporadic workouts here and there. Maybe is because i've been tired and a bit stressed about job interview situation and stuff like that.