Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 1-- December 13 - 15

Friday 13: 30 minute run on the CCSF football lawn, felt good. Felt my shins adjusting from the work Dr. Heather has been doing.
Saturday 14: 45 minute morning spinning session. Felt good, legs strong and not even short of breath considering the lack of cardio for a few weeks.
Sunday 15: 30 minute run at the CCSF football lawn, felt ok. I did feel a horrific sharp pain in my right groin for the second time now this week. I felt it when i did a squat. I also felt it while i stretched swinging my leg too far from one side to the other. I did a groin stretch on my back bending legs towards my chest and pulling my knees down and out and i did not feel the pain. Not sure what it is.

Good half week of tune-up. Hope to polish the little things bothering me. Hopefully one day i will be pain free to really challenge myself. Ankle is improving, i now am 100% certain that i cannot cure my injury 100% without doing any running during the rehab. I need to combine biking, running, cross training, yoga, stretching, icing, massage and whatever else i can think might help. Will start training for the races i have registered for. I will run Way Too Cool in March and Miwok 100k in May. I also registered for the Golden Gate 50k in February and the Grizzly Peak 50k in April to prepare for both. Can't wait for 2014 to start, will have to train hard and smart to make this happen. I will give my best


Running: two 30 minute sessions
Spinning: one 45 minute session