Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday April 15: Rode to the gym and ran 3*6 min/mile sprints on treadmill for 2 min each. Had a tough leg workout, great work.
Tuesday April 16: Started off with 3*6 min/mile sprints on the treadmill for 3 min each and had a hard time working out today because i was drained of energy. Regardless i had a decent leg workout with tough workouts like leg presses.
Wednesday 17: Off
Thursday April 18: Off
Friday April 19: Rode to the gym and 15 minute bike warmup at the gym. Full Tony workout for legs. 
Saturday April 20: Rode to the gym and 15 minute bike warmup at the gym. Upper body workout.
Sunday April 21: Rode to the gym and back home. 20 minute warm-up on the bike and a full session of the stretching routine i just put together.

Week totals:

Running: ( 2 sprint sessions on the treadmill )
Biking: (To gym and back  3.7 miles (4)   ( Gym warmup 15 & 20 minutes ( 3 )  )   
Gym session: 4.7 workout sessions
Spinning: 0
Boot camp: 0

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back to boot camp and spinning

Have been back at VM for about 2 weeks now but have not had the patience to write my weekly routine for posting at the end of the week. I will start this week. Great to be back working out, i have definitely missed being active. My first day after boot camp and spin was amazing because i had so much energy throughout the day. It was like my cells were injected with oxygen and were fired up about it. And that is just what happened to my body in my very minimal understanding of the human body.
Have felt that boot camp is just a little too much on the ankle injury so i will sit boot camp for a bit and just do spinning. I will complement the time with gym work. My legs feel very strong and they look strong as well. I cant believe how defined my legs have become from the past year or so. It is amazing.