Sunday, April 21, 2013

Monday April 15: Rode to the gym and ran 3*6 min/mile sprints on treadmill for 2 min each. Had a tough leg workout, great work.
Tuesday April 16: Started off with 3*6 min/mile sprints on the treadmill for 3 min each and had a hard time working out today because i was drained of energy. Regardless i had a decent leg workout with tough workouts like leg presses.
Wednesday 17: Off
Thursday April 18: Off
Friday April 19: Rode to the gym and 15 minute bike warmup at the gym. Full Tony workout for legs. 
Saturday April 20: Rode to the gym and 15 minute bike warmup at the gym. Upper body workout.
Sunday April 21: Rode to the gym and back home. 20 minute warm-up on the bike and a full session of the stretching routine i just put together.

Week totals:

Running: ( 2 sprint sessions on the treadmill )
Biking: (To gym and back  3.7 miles (4)   ( Gym warmup 15 & 20 minutes ( 3 )  )   
Gym session: 4.7 workout sessions
Spinning: 0
Boot camp: 0

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