Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monday April 23 - Sunday April 29

Monday: 15.41 mile run at 2:23 min 9:17 min. miles (Garmin) at TNF 50M first half. I should also include a 40 minute hike trying to find the trails of the start of the race. I felt great out there, great effort and great response by my legs. I started out at the end of Bobcat Trail and begining of Miwok Trail towards Tennessee Valley Trail towards the Coastal Trail ending at Stinson Beach and then Headed back by taking Coastal Fire Road then Fox Trail arriving to Tennessee Valley towards Marincello Trail towards Bobcat Trail leading to Rodeo Valley Trail back to the starting line.
Tuesday: Off, had a caffeine overdose yesterday by drinking a two shot caramel macciatto with almond milk Ola prepared for me. I talked to Erick and he said it was like taking a dose of heroin and that it was a combination of me having low blood pressure from my long run yesterday and that drink which skyrocketed my blood pressure. One hour after i consumed the drink i began to feel light headed and shortness of breath borderline passing out. I then took a coke, due to past experiences with low blood pressure, and i didn't feel worst but i didn't feel any better either. At the end of the night my stomach was bloated and irritated and my ears were a bit swollen and ringed a bit. My injured knee felt like after i have a couple beers, stinging like an open wound. I'm sure there is something in acidic stuff like beer and coffee that triggers my knee problem, maybe an allergy to something. I want to point out that i have not skipped any meals after my long run yesterday, as a matter of fact, all my meals have been fantastic till this morning before work. Chia seed, vega mix, salt, honney, shake right after the run and about half a bottle of gatorade. I had a salmon fillet with rice, green beans, broccoli, udo oil, gatorade 40 minutes after my run and a huge slice of pizza and a corn for dinner. For breakfast today i had a two egg red bell pepper scramble with 2 walnut toast w/jam, fruit salad, side of avocado, and a green tea. Fluids have been ok, drank a 20oz bottle of water while on the run, the shake right after, bit of gatorade, and a 20oz water bottle right after the run. My intake after i got home has been as usual, not the best but not too bad either.
Wednesday: Took the day off, still feel the same symptoms. My ears are clogged and a bit swollen and ringing, my stomach still feels irritated, and my energy is just not in place. I have been eating a lot, mostly healthy stuff though. I won't feel bad from this a week later when i start feeling like myself.
Thursday: Walked to and from work (5 miles), Won't do more than that after that caffeine episode. Started feeling like myself again at the end of the day today, what a trip!
Friday: Finally feel way better and with enough energy to go to the gym but i think i will just go tomorrow or sunday. I woke up at around 5:30am this morning to pick up Karla from SFO and i need to do laundry, tonight is also Mana concert. Too many stuff going on today to have a hard workout and specially for where my body is right now. Feel like these couple days off are affecting my 2 month of hard work but i also need to trust in life and that it will take me to where i need to be. Maybe this episode is my body's way of saying "hang on cowboy, let me catch my breath."
Saturday: Biked to VM for boot camp and spin this morning , felt good.
Sunday: Off

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monday 16 - Sunday 22

Monday: 4.4 mile run from home to the coffee shop to Valencia muscle and a full workout at VM. Felt good, no complaints.
Tuesday: Morning 6.75 mile run to twin peaks, felt good. 
Wednesday: Boot camp and spin tonight. I felt weak and didn't feel like doing anything but i pulled through and finished with a bit of energy. I think the 6+ mile run yesterday squeezed the juice out of me and left me dry. I had a good meal after the run but i feel like it was not enough to re-generate. I had a vegetable soup with lentils. I should have a little more in the future. I'm so glad i pulled through in that condition tonight though. 
Thursday: Ran 5 miles to and from work. Nothing interesting.
Friday: Active day off, bike commute to coffee shop (5 miles). 
Saturday: Rode to gym (5.5 miles) boot camp and spin. During classes i felt ok, nothing out of the ordinary. I have been feeling back pain for about four days now. Might be all the activity throughout the day every day, i will rest tomorrow and maybe Monday too to be 100% for boot/spin on Wednesday next week. 
Sunday: Off, for the last four days or so i have had a lot of back pain. I have not experienced this kind of pain in a long time, or should i say, none that i can remember. I will be conservative and take the safest approach and take today off maybe monday too to be fresh for boot camp and spin on Wednesday.

Week totals:

     Running: 15.6 Miles
     Biking: 15.5 Miles
     Boot/spin: Wednesday & Saturday

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday 9 - Sunday 15

Monday: Off, first day at Bernie's.
Tuesday: Light stretch and 45 minute run at 3 different paces. Felt great, no complaints.
Wednesday: Boot camp and spin tonight. Tony was mad tonight Beat us up more than ever before, survived though. 30 minute run in the treadmill right after boot camp at moderate and fast pace. Felt great, no complaints. Hopped on the bike for boot camp for the remaining 15 or 20 minutes. I was able to break another sweat after being cooled down at the treadmill. Like last week, i was able to do spin intensely without burning myself completely. Getting in great shape.
Thursday: 1.5 hour morning workout at Valencia Muscle. Full routine with workouts a bit slower, more quality sessions. Felt great, no complaints at all.
Friday: Light stretch at Valencia Muscle and a 20 minute run on the treadmill. 15 minutes moderate speed and 5 minutes high speed.
Saturday: Boot camp and spin on this beautiful morning. Struggled a bit on spin today. I felt like my legs were just too tired. I have a couple theories to justify this. It might have been the hours worked at the coffee shop, the biking commute to work and gym, or the tough workouts on Wednesday and Thursday. Whatever the reason is, i'm still keeping my schedule at the gym the same even though i started working and that is something to celebrate.
Sunday: 90 minute thai massage today, the best way to recover from a couple weeks of hard work.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Monday April 2 - Monday April 8, 2012

Monday: Ran to Haight & Ashburry to pick up my new bike. About 3.5 miles, felt great. No complaints.
Tuesday: Full gym routine that included leg press, dead lifts, and one legged squats each one followed by at least one stretch. Most of the exercises were followed by three different stretch. Great workout today.
Wednesday: Rode my bike to boot camp with Tony and Spin with John tonight. Tony was mean today, he drained everything i had out in just under an hour. Initially i didn't think i had it in me for spin class so i went to run at the treadmill. I must had been running about 23 minutes when John came out looking for someone in the gym. It turns out he was looking for me to tell me there was an extra bike. I was feeling way better by now so i took his invitation. I finished strong, no problem at all. I was telling John after the class that maybe i have gone through that initial point where 10 minutes before the end of the class i was exhausted and looking at the clock and John every minute looking for signs of an ending class. For the last two classes i have been composed and with all my breath at the end of the class. Great sign.
Thursday: Active day off, 1 hour stretch at Valencia Muscle. Used the medicine ball and the foam roll to massage my legs and back and i also did a couple rounds of the stretches i do with Tony in between sessions. I also did a series of calf stretches on the calf machine and with the aerobic step. Good stretch today to regenerate the muscles after an intense workout last night.
Friday: 6.5 mile run to the mission tonight. One hour long at about 9 min/mile. No problem at all mate!
Saturday: Rode my bike to Valencia Muscle for boot camp and spin. Julian stepped it up today at boot camp. A lot of dumb-bell workouts and core stuff. Ab workouts were intense. In the beginning of the class i think i pounded too hard on the high-knees and butt kickers and noticed my knee getting irritated. I should watch that in the future. Spin went good today. I had lots of energy and was able to go through spin with an intensity that i have never done before. I was pedaling so fast i might have freaked out someone a bit in class. I felt really good though and thought this was the perfect opportunity to let all the frustrations of being exhausted all the time out. I was so surprised to see myself working out with way more intensity than most of everyone there. People that i have admired for their intense training at both classes. Excellent news, amazing what hard work and dedication will bring.
Sunday: OFF

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday March 26- Sunday April 1

Monday: Camping with a bit of hiking at Tennessee valley trail and around.
Tuesday: Got home from camping.
Wednesday: Boot camp with Tony and spin with John. Both brutal. Worked extra hard with Tony pushing a punching bag across the hall, might have drained me for spin. Walked home too. I have pain on my legs and feels a little hot. I will raise my legs for a bit.
Thursday: Went to the gym for a light dynamic stretch and as i walked home from bart i felt tired. 15 minutes later at home i started to feel pain and inflammation on my left leg and had no alternative as to sit in the tub with cold water. Did this twice and inflammation went away and will provably stay off my feet for a couple hours. Is worth mentioning that i got about 6 hours of sleep last night. Must rest well tonight. I feel just like i feel when i work too hard. I feel inflammation, drained of energy, sore, muscle tightness, can't get a good night sleep etc... I feel good when i push myself to the limit but i need to be certain that what i did is safe in the long run. I want to push myself to the limit but i also don't want to risk re-injury and stop for months recovering. Will talk to John about this sometime this week.
Friday: Last rehab session with Tony. Good session with a lot of the same strengthening exercises followed by a lot of different stretches. Good overall. Towards the end he asked me to do some 1 legged squats like i asked him a while ago. I tried to do the exercise he told me but it was impossible. I felt that i did not have the muscle required to do it. I mentioned Tony that i felt like a baby, not being able to do that simple thing while 15 minutes before i lifted twice my weigh on the leg press. He mentioned a couple times how interesting that was. The exercise consisted of sitting on a bench and getting off from it with one leg while extending the other leg straight. As i was un-capable of doing that he was able to think of a variation that involved tying a rope to an apparatus and go backwards getting support from that. Instead of starting sitting down, start on my feet and work my way towards a seated position while grabbing ahold of the rope. The first set was super hard to do, the next two went a little easier. I need to hit that whole routine at least twice a week and for that to happen i need to figure out a schedule that will ideally include boot camp and spin on Wednesday and Saturday. If not, knock a boot camp and spin session off from the week. I need to highlight that Tony is an excellent physical therapist. The individual sessions i have done with him and the boot camp sessions have given me the opportunity to see his work. Good stuff Tony.
Saturday: Cruised through boot camp and spin classes today. I felt great at all times with tons of energy and breathing was not agitated like it has been in the past. Don't know if the workout i did with Tony or the fact that i got good rest and healthy food. Great day, excellent effort and better results.
Sunday: Active day off. Foam roller.