Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monday 16 - Sunday 22

Monday: 4.4 mile run from home to the coffee shop to Valencia muscle and a full workout at VM. Felt good, no complaints.
Tuesday: Morning 6.75 mile run to twin peaks, felt good. 
Wednesday: Boot camp and spin tonight. I felt weak and didn't feel like doing anything but i pulled through and finished with a bit of energy. I think the 6+ mile run yesterday squeezed the juice out of me and left me dry. I had a good meal after the run but i feel like it was not enough to re-generate. I had a vegetable soup with lentils. I should have a little more in the future. I'm so glad i pulled through in that condition tonight though. 
Thursday: Ran 5 miles to and from work. Nothing interesting.
Friday: Active day off, bike commute to coffee shop (5 miles). 
Saturday: Rode to gym (5.5 miles) boot camp and spin. During classes i felt ok, nothing out of the ordinary. I have been feeling back pain for about four days now. Might be all the activity throughout the day every day, i will rest tomorrow and maybe Monday too to be 100% for boot/spin on Wednesday next week. 
Sunday: Off, for the last four days or so i have had a lot of back pain. I have not experienced this kind of pain in a long time, or should i say, none that i can remember. I will be conservative and take the safest approach and take today off maybe monday too to be fresh for boot camp and spin on Wednesday.

Week totals:

     Running: 15.6 Miles
     Biking: 15.5 Miles
     Boot/spin: Wednesday & Saturday

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