Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday March 26- Sunday April 1

Monday: Camping with a bit of hiking at Tennessee valley trail and around.
Tuesday: Got home from camping.
Wednesday: Boot camp with Tony and spin with John. Both brutal. Worked extra hard with Tony pushing a punching bag across the hall, might have drained me for spin. Walked home too. I have pain on my legs and feels a little hot. I will raise my legs for a bit.
Thursday: Went to the gym for a light dynamic stretch and as i walked home from bart i felt tired. 15 minutes later at home i started to feel pain and inflammation on my left leg and had no alternative as to sit in the tub with cold water. Did this twice and inflammation went away and will provably stay off my feet for a couple hours. Is worth mentioning that i got about 6 hours of sleep last night. Must rest well tonight. I feel just like i feel when i work too hard. I feel inflammation, drained of energy, sore, muscle tightness, can't get a good night sleep etc... I feel good when i push myself to the limit but i need to be certain that what i did is safe in the long run. I want to push myself to the limit but i also don't want to risk re-injury and stop for months recovering. Will talk to John about this sometime this week.
Friday: Last rehab session with Tony. Good session with a lot of the same strengthening exercises followed by a lot of different stretches. Good overall. Towards the end he asked me to do some 1 legged squats like i asked him a while ago. I tried to do the exercise he told me but it was impossible. I felt that i did not have the muscle required to do it. I mentioned Tony that i felt like a baby, not being able to do that simple thing while 15 minutes before i lifted twice my weigh on the leg press. He mentioned a couple times how interesting that was. The exercise consisted of sitting on a bench and getting off from it with one leg while extending the other leg straight. As i was un-capable of doing that he was able to think of a variation that involved tying a rope to an apparatus and go backwards getting support from that. Instead of starting sitting down, start on my feet and work my way towards a seated position while grabbing ahold of the rope. The first set was super hard to do, the next two went a little easier. I need to hit that whole routine at least twice a week and for that to happen i need to figure out a schedule that will ideally include boot camp and spin on Wednesday and Saturday. If not, knock a boot camp and spin session off from the week. I need to highlight that Tony is an excellent physical therapist. The individual sessions i have done with him and the boot camp sessions have given me the opportunity to see his work. Good stuff Tony.
Saturday: Cruised through boot camp and spin classes today. I felt great at all times with tons of energy and breathing was not agitated like it has been in the past. Don't know if the workout i did with Tony or the fact that i got good rest and healthy food. Great day, excellent effort and better results.
Sunday: Active day off. Foam roller.

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