Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday 9 - Sunday 15

Monday: Off, first day at Bernie's.
Tuesday: Light stretch and 45 minute run at 3 different paces. Felt great, no complaints.
Wednesday: Boot camp and spin tonight. Tony was mad tonight Beat us up more than ever before, survived though. 30 minute run in the treadmill right after boot camp at moderate and fast pace. Felt great, no complaints. Hopped on the bike for boot camp for the remaining 15 or 20 minutes. I was able to break another sweat after being cooled down at the treadmill. Like last week, i was able to do spin intensely without burning myself completely. Getting in great shape.
Thursday: 1.5 hour morning workout at Valencia Muscle. Full routine with workouts a bit slower, more quality sessions. Felt great, no complaints at all.
Friday: Light stretch at Valencia Muscle and a 20 minute run on the treadmill. 15 minutes moderate speed and 5 minutes high speed.
Saturday: Boot camp and spin on this beautiful morning. Struggled a bit on spin today. I felt like my legs were just too tired. I have a couple theories to justify this. It might have been the hours worked at the coffee shop, the biking commute to work and gym, or the tough workouts on Wednesday and Thursday. Whatever the reason is, i'm still keeping my schedule at the gym the same even though i started working and that is something to celebrate.
Sunday: 90 minute thai massage today, the best way to recover from a couple weeks of hard work.

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