Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monday April 23 - Sunday April 29

Monday: 15.41 mile run at 2:23 min 9:17 min. miles (Garmin) at TNF 50M first half. I should also include a 40 minute hike trying to find the trails of the start of the race. I felt great out there, great effort and great response by my legs. I started out at the end of Bobcat Trail and begining of Miwok Trail towards Tennessee Valley Trail towards the Coastal Trail ending at Stinson Beach and then Headed back by taking Coastal Fire Road then Fox Trail arriving to Tennessee Valley towards Marincello Trail towards Bobcat Trail leading to Rodeo Valley Trail back to the starting line.
Tuesday: Off, had a caffeine overdose yesterday by drinking a two shot caramel macciatto with almond milk Ola prepared for me. I talked to Erick and he said it was like taking a dose of heroin and that it was a combination of me having low blood pressure from my long run yesterday and that drink which skyrocketed my blood pressure. One hour after i consumed the drink i began to feel light headed and shortness of breath borderline passing out. I then took a coke, due to past experiences with low blood pressure, and i didn't feel worst but i didn't feel any better either. At the end of the night my stomach was bloated and irritated and my ears were a bit swollen and ringed a bit. My injured knee felt like after i have a couple beers, stinging like an open wound. I'm sure there is something in acidic stuff like beer and coffee that triggers my knee problem, maybe an allergy to something. I want to point out that i have not skipped any meals after my long run yesterday, as a matter of fact, all my meals have been fantastic till this morning before work. Chia seed, vega mix, salt, honney, shake right after the run and about half a bottle of gatorade. I had a salmon fillet with rice, green beans, broccoli, udo oil, gatorade 40 minutes after my run and a huge slice of pizza and a corn for dinner. For breakfast today i had a two egg red bell pepper scramble with 2 walnut toast w/jam, fruit salad, side of avocado, and a green tea. Fluids have been ok, drank a 20oz bottle of water while on the run, the shake right after, bit of gatorade, and a 20oz water bottle right after the run. My intake after i got home has been as usual, not the best but not too bad either.
Wednesday: Took the day off, still feel the same symptoms. My ears are clogged and a bit swollen and ringing, my stomach still feels irritated, and my energy is just not in place. I have been eating a lot, mostly healthy stuff though. I won't feel bad from this a week later when i start feeling like myself.
Thursday: Walked to and from work (5 miles), Won't do more than that after that caffeine episode. Started feeling like myself again at the end of the day today, what a trip!
Friday: Finally feel way better and with enough energy to go to the gym but i think i will just go tomorrow or sunday. I woke up at around 5:30am this morning to pick up Karla from SFO and i need to do laundry, tonight is also Mana concert. Too many stuff going on today to have a hard workout and specially for where my body is right now. Feel like these couple days off are affecting my 2 month of hard work but i also need to trust in life and that it will take me to where i need to be. Maybe this episode is my body's way of saying "hang on cowboy, let me catch my breath."
Saturday: Biked to VM for boot camp and spin this morning , felt good.
Sunday: Off

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