Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday April 30 - Sunday May 6

Monday: 5.5 mile run to and from the coffee shop.
Tuesday: Biked to the gym (5.5 miles) and to work and had a great 1.5 hour dynamic stretch and weight training at VM. 30 minute treadmill run (3 miles) at a 8.5 incline.
Wednesday: 6.4 mile run on Market Street to RCU and back home. Felt good, a little tired but good. I had to run back to the Mission Dolores for Ginger's aunt's funeral and then work.
Thursday: 4.5 mile run to and at Glen Canyon and back home. I was extremely sore from my workout on Tuesday but made an effort to stretch out by running tonight. A light run is good to get rid of the soreness when is tolerable. Everything felt great after warming up and even the soreness disappeared. I was greeted at home by Karla and Kari + Mike for fish tacos and chicken with potatoes and spinach. Great finish to a lazy day.
Friday: Biked to work and back (5 miles).
Saturday: Boot Camp & Spin. Great effort today, Veronica, shirley, tatoo girl and i were boot camp today and Veronica and i were spin. Twenty minutes towards the end Veronica left and i was left with John who pushed me to go beyond where i've been in my fitness.
Sunday: Ballgame today and Ben's birthday, fitness off day.

    Running: 19.4 miles
    Biking: 10.5 miles
    Boot/Spin: 1

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