Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday May 7 - Sunday May 13

Monday: Post b-will b-day
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 22 mile run from Whales cove to North Peak (3 laps). I went out there to run two laps, 15 miles, but as soon as i was done with that i knew that i could easily do another lap and decided to go for it and be more confident for Woodside 50k in 9 days. The last 1.5 miles of my last ascent were painful and as was my descent. At the end of the day i had an excellent run that has me motivated and confident going to the race.
Thursday: Worked, walkes a few miles.
Friday: Ran to and from the coffee shop (5 miles)
Saturday: Boot camp & spin this morning. New boot camp instructor, tougher than Tony. A lot of different exercises he brought to the table and he actually directs us like a boot camp with quick changes of exercises and pace. Excellent overall. Spin was tough as always, nothing further to point out.
Sunday: Active day off helping Karla at school with the assembly prep.
         Running: 27 miles
         Biking:  0
         Boot & Spin: 1

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