Sunday, February 17, 2013

Emmanuel's torture tools of preference.

Have been keeping myself off my feet as much as i can for the last month or so to reduce the pounding on the knees. I say a month because this last month is when i started to do rehab stuff not too strictly but  several times a month. I started to do some training at the gym but like i said, keeping the impact on the joints to almost zero. I am not yet ready to do any running training and limited gym training more on a structural basis where i do it no matter what but i feel like i'm getting there. Maybe in a month i will be on a better position to do that but in the mean time i don't want to pressure myself onto doing so. What i have been doing more and i hope i will keep tabs on is eating enough and smart. I feel like in the past i did not eat enough to sustain my daily physical activity and it transformed into injury after injury. I eat a lot but i try to eat healthy stuff so i won't get a big belly. I don't want to have a belly to work on loosing once my legs are ready to run. Another thing i have been working on for the last week almost on a daily basis is on getting rid of the knots on my lower legs specially around the shin area. The perennial muscle and around those small muscles. That area is so tight that it hurts like a mudafaca. My torture tool of preference is a softball and an empty wine bottle. Next week i will continue to work on that area and i will start working on the quads and gluts. That is the plan for the next week and the couple days a week i do of gym training.