Thursday, September 20, 2012

Headlands 50M week

Monday: Maintenance at home with the foam roll, softball & wine bottle.
Tuesday: 5.5 mile run from home to Noe Valley and back, light 30 min. workout/stretch at home.
Wednesday: Light Boot Camp and Spin
Thursday: 2.5 mile walk to work.
Friday: 5 mile walk to work and back.
Saturday: 46 miles Headlands 50M
Sunday: Off

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cyclist Accident

Monday 3: Marin Headlands 2 mile run at a slow pace w/Karla. Witnessed the most amazing cyclist accident on Coastal road. He was going downhill coming from the direction of the Golden Gate Bridge. He was taking a curb and i guess he was going too fast and slid off his bike and slammed on a wooden post on the side of the curb. His bike hit a side wooden railing and then bounced towards the post where he was folded in half in the abdominals area from the speed he was traveling. He held his stomach for a minute or two after the accident as i stood there frozen and did't know what to do. I didn't want to hurt him even more than what he already was by turning him over on his back. I initially thought the only affected area was the abdominals, but as soon as he turned, i saw a cut across his entire forehead so deep that all his skin layers were cut. Another similar cut on his upper lip. Amazing things i witnessed by this 26 two weeks to be 27 year old's accident: 1) It seems amazing how his forehead didn't bleed as dramatic as his wounds were. There has to be a mechanism, in the body, at work that hits the button when is an emergency. The blood gets clogged temporarily until danger passes.  I think it has to do with adrenaline, i must have read about this somewhere. 2) He remained conscious during the longest 20 minutes until the paramedics got there with the help from his buddy. Of course he asked his friend where he was about 8 times, once or twice he asked 2 seconds after asking as well as asking about his left collard bone. His friend without a doubt and with a calmed voice responded, "you have a bruce, it might be broken". 3) This kid will recover from his wounds in a couple months and he will be ready for more Marin Headlands adventures. That is how amazing the human body is, it will try to repair itself from any injury no matter how bad it is. Not sure if this kid had any internal bleeding from ruptured organs from slamming against the wooden pole. If there wasn't, he will recover soon from his face wounds. If he had internal bleeding, he will need a couple surgeries and he will be in the hospital for a while. Best wishes to you David.
Tuesday 4: 7 mile walk to the shop, Castro for a $25 hair cut in San Francisco!, back to the shop, 16th and Potrero, and back to the video shop on Valencia and 22nd. Great day to have a long walk and stretch my legs a bit after feeling a bit tight legs.
Wednesday 5: Ran to the gym 3.6 miles at 7 minute mile pace and did TRX and Boot Camp at VM tonight. My run was fantastic, i got to the gym 1 hour and 20 minutes before classes begun and i was there not doing much for about 1 hour. 20 minutes into TRX, i felt exhaustion already. Don't know if it had to do with my slight change of diet the last 4 days or if it had to do with that hour in-between my run to the gym and the start of TRX that depressed my body. I did not give my usual effort on the exercises and had to stop repeatedly to avoid complete exhaustion. during spin i experienced similar feelings of exhaustion throughout the time period but at least was able to pull through with a decent effort considering my condition. 7 on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best effort. 10 days away from my first 50 mile race i need to do my homework by dieting, specific training and proper taping. The next couple days will be of precise thought out workouts, nutrition and recuperation to be in the best shape possible.
Thursday 6: 4 mile slow minimalist run with Karla starting at Whale's Cove. Good enjoyable, quality  run that i know is going to help me a lot as i get closer to race day. Karla was great by the way, great effort on her part.
Friday 7: Walked to and from work (5 miles).
Saturday 8: Boot Camp and spin. Boot camp was ok, had some trouble with some abs workouts and had to stop multiple times. I think it had to do with me not done these exercises in a very long time. Everything else is ok. Spin was great like always, with a great effort. Talked to John about the pain i felt this morning and got a bit worst before boot camp. He said it was plantar fasciitis. Not know what is going to happen with my race next saturday but i will rest a couple days and roll and stretch.
Sunday 9: Maintenance at home after work. Foam rolling with the foam roll and wine bottle.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday August 27 - Sunday September 2

Monday: 5 mile smooth run to Japan town and 1.5 mile walk, felt great.
Tuesday: Doctor's appointment, off from workout.
Wednesday: 13 mile hike across the Golden Gate Bridge to Rodeo Beach through the Headlands 50M coarse. Some of the trails are closed for construction so the coarse might be altered for this race. At mile 2 on the trail i felt a sharp pain on the side of my left knee and then 2 miles later on the right knee too. I had my protein shake w/chia seeds and a chocolate pastry and the pain went away.
Thursday: Off, will take a couple days off to alleviate the knee.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Boot camp and spin this morning with Mr Julia on boot, Stas on abdominals and John on spin. Mr Julia made us sweat with a varied routine incorporating not only out typical upper body workouts but, also leg workouts. Stas had no compassion on us and drained every drop of energy we had left over from Mr Julia's workouts. John was there to witness most of the routine and although didn't tell us, he waited about 15 minutes after the boot camp/abdominals. Most of the time we begin right after the workout. John was great like always but his class seemed like a piece of cake considering what we had just experienced. Excellent workout this morning.
Sunday: Off