Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday August 27 - Sunday September 2

Monday: 5 mile smooth run to Japan town and 1.5 mile walk, felt great.
Tuesday: Doctor's appointment, off from workout.
Wednesday: 13 mile hike across the Golden Gate Bridge to Rodeo Beach through the Headlands 50M coarse. Some of the trails are closed for construction so the coarse might be altered for this race. At mile 2 on the trail i felt a sharp pain on the side of my left knee and then 2 miles later on the right knee too. I had my protein shake w/chia seeds and a chocolate pastry and the pain went away.
Thursday: Off, will take a couple days off to alleviate the knee.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Boot camp and spin this morning with Mr Julia on boot, Stas on abdominals and John on spin. Mr Julia made us sweat with a varied routine incorporating not only out typical upper body workouts but, also leg workouts. Stas had no compassion on us and drained every drop of energy we had left over from Mr Julia's workouts. John was there to witness most of the routine and although didn't tell us, he waited about 15 minutes after the boot camp/abdominals. Most of the time we begin right after the workout. John was great like always but his class seemed like a piece of cake considering what we had just experienced. Excellent workout this morning.
Sunday: Off

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