Saturday, April 7, 2012

Monday April 2 - Monday April 8, 2012

Monday: Ran to Haight & Ashburry to pick up my new bike. About 3.5 miles, felt great. No complaints.
Tuesday: Full gym routine that included leg press, dead lifts, and one legged squats each one followed by at least one stretch. Most of the exercises were followed by three different stretch. Great workout today.
Wednesday: Rode my bike to boot camp with Tony and Spin with John tonight. Tony was mean today, he drained everything i had out in just under an hour. Initially i didn't think i had it in me for spin class so i went to run at the treadmill. I must had been running about 23 minutes when John came out looking for someone in the gym. It turns out he was looking for me to tell me there was an extra bike. I was feeling way better by now so i took his invitation. I finished strong, no problem at all. I was telling John after the class that maybe i have gone through that initial point where 10 minutes before the end of the class i was exhausted and looking at the clock and John every minute looking for signs of an ending class. For the last two classes i have been composed and with all my breath at the end of the class. Great sign.
Thursday: Active day off, 1 hour stretch at Valencia Muscle. Used the medicine ball and the foam roll to massage my legs and back and i also did a couple rounds of the stretches i do with Tony in between sessions. I also did a series of calf stretches on the calf machine and with the aerobic step. Good stretch today to regenerate the muscles after an intense workout last night.
Friday: 6.5 mile run to the mission tonight. One hour long at about 9 min/mile. No problem at all mate!
Saturday: Rode my bike to Valencia Muscle for boot camp and spin. Julian stepped it up today at boot camp. A lot of dumb-bell workouts and core stuff. Ab workouts were intense. In the beginning of the class i think i pounded too hard on the high-knees and butt kickers and noticed my knee getting irritated. I should watch that in the future. Spin went good today. I had lots of energy and was able to go through spin with an intensity that i have never done before. I was pedaling so fast i might have freaked out someone a bit in class. I felt really good though and thought this was the perfect opportunity to let all the frustrations of being exhausted all the time out. I was so surprised to see myself working out with way more intensity than most of everyone there. People that i have admired for their intense training at both classes. Excellent news, amazing what hard work and dedication will bring.
Sunday: OFF

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