Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday 12- Friday 16

15 minute run towards Glen Park. Just checking if the injury was serious or not. Felt ok running 15 minutes but needed to hold back on running too much too soon. I felt if i ran 30 minutes i was going to feel and experience the same injury once again. Glad to know injury is not too serious.
Tuesday: Tested what min/mile i was running at when i got injured last week. Turned out that i was running at or a little below 6 min/mile. Although i felt capable mentally and physically, my chronically injured knee did not hold. On tuesday, last week i held that pace for half an hour and the day before i also ran pretty hard for a while. I provably should hold that energy for a race and focus on getting, at last, 100% knee injury free. This will be my goal for the next month i will be spending at home in Mexico. I will have plenty of time to organize myself on a training/rehab schedule that will get me healthy. I have never attempted anything like this and now near the end of the year i feel like i have a lot of information that i can use to get, hopefully, 100%. This year has been great, i was able to run and complete races without being 100% injury free. On my second race i was able to get a competitive time feeling great at the end of the run and with hardly any soreness the following days. I think i know what took me to that level and complemented with a few things i have learned over the past months has me excited about starting a new year with a pre-season of hard work on my back ready to race and run with confidence.
Night 40 minute 5 mile run at CCSF Track. 9.25 min/mile pace. 10 minute stair climbing and a nice 15 min stretch. Felt ok but will not go overboard. Looks like my injury was just a little scare. i will not take this reminder for granted, will concentrate on being patient.
Off from running, felt pain on leg tendons from night run yesterday, will ice tonight.

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