Saturday, December 3, 2011

Monday 28- Friday 2

Fun night run to Mission & 16th, 7+ miles. Felt ok overall, just a little rust from the couple days of inactivity from Thanksgiving. Is good to be back on the road. Had a veggie burrito at Pancho Villa Taqueria on 17th. It was fun to explore on eating while running. Now i know i can eat a whole veggie burrito in the middle of a run and not barf it right back while running.
Night run at CCSF Track, about 5 miles, 15min warmup at moderate speed and then 20 minutes of speed running. Finished the night with a series of stair climbing and descents and leg stretching on post.
50 minute total run
20 minute Stair
5 minute stretch
Went to Rodeo Beach for a run. I ran about 7 miles to the cavalry and back. Felt good but need to be a little more prepared and bring the right clothing to avoid irritation. The run was good, felt like i could have run much longer. I was reminded of the 50k i ran on july. I felt like if i kept going i would be able to remember every turn wit clarity. I feel excited to start running there more often starting next year.

Week Total:
Road:12 miles
Trail: 7 miles

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