Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday 21- Friday 25

Minimal CCSF Track 35 min. run at faster than usual speed. Felt great, energetic and strong. Is amazing how your body communicates what it wants/needs at a given time, we just need to pay close attention. Even the uncomfortable coldness i usually feel at night was non existent once i began running.

I feel that my week workout schedule is working well (based on two weeks of similar workouts). Minimal runs (35-50min) 3 days a week and two (1 loop) Montara Trail runs in the week is great for now. Having Saturday and Sunday off from running is working well by allowing my body to take in the week's work and also regenerate. At this point the weekend off could be a great time to do some stretching or simple exercises at CCSF Track. I cannot do another full month of yoga this year due to my trip to mexico this holiday so a class on sat. or sun. could work well. Although i miss the weekend long runs at the mountains, is also great to have the weekend  to do other things.
Tuesday: Off,
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off

Little workout activity the week of Thanksgiving. Family celebrations and Homework have made it impossible to focus on running. For the moment i can expect to be inactive until late this week.

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