Friday, November 18, 2011

Monday 14- Friday 18

Off, worn out today.
One loop Montara Trail run today. Not intending i shaved a couple minutes from my last run on my ascent to the north peak. Felt great!
CCSF Track minimal shoe run tonight after class was great. 45 minute run and 15 minute stretch afterward. Hardly felt any knee discomfort. Great night.
Off, busy day.
Morning Montara Trail run with Eric and his friend. I ran a lap and a bit more. Total of about 8 miles going average speed to the peak and increasing speed at about mile 5.5. I felt a little tired at first but got into the a good pace and ended up being a fun strong run. Eric's friend, who was running with me, wen't off track at mile 6. I had to look for him for a bout 20 minutes.

This week has been great because of the combined work i've been doing on the CCSF Track with minimal shoes and the Trail running at Montara Trails. I feel stronger at each of the two and my conditioning is improving every time. As evidence is the drop in time on both the uphill climbs and descents. Recovery is quick and there is hardly any soreness the next morning and the following.

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