Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 3,

Monday: Active day Off, went to see the stranded whale at Stinson Beach. I was there for a few hour.
Tuesday: Active day Off, i had a volunteer interview for the Marin County Parks.
Wednesday: Rode my bike to the gym for boot camp and spinning classes. Super challenging day today. Boot camp was extra challenging today with a warm-up and then TRX. Spinning was great. I still am babying my ankle so no pressure of standing-up on my bike. Apart from that i think i made it challenging for myself. Yoga stretch after the classes went extra long today, that was good.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Rode to the gym for boot camp and spinning classes. Boot camp was ok, not as challenging as Wednesday but a good workout. When you get challenged like we did on Wednesday workouts like today's are a stretch. Spinning is great as always. John always gives us a good workouts and lately the 20+ minute yoga session to wrap up a great fitness day has been fantastic. I'm so grateful i can still do these classes now that i'm injured, if i wasn't able to do both running and these classes i think i would go absolutely nuts.
Sunday: Off

Slow, week. A week where my routine was interrupted by my trip to Marin on Monday and Tuesday. I need to get better at multitasking because my life is where is headed. There is going to come a time where i would be juggling multiple responsibilities and i need to get comfortable at it.


Running: 0
Outdoor biking: 7 miles
Boot camp: 2
Spinning: 2
Gym workouts: 0

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