Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 4

Monday: Rode to the gym and had a good short workout. Started out with a 30 minute bike workout and followed by a short workout of ankle and glut exercises. Felt great, my legs feel tired but strong. My legs have never been this strong. My quads feel powerful and my thighs are getting there too. Feeling good.
Tuesday: Rode to the gym and had a short stretch workout that felt amazing on my ankle and legs in general. I went with whatever my body told me just following signs of healing and satisfaction. Felt great to do that.
Wednesday: First day volunteering at Marin County Parks, 9 hours, and made it just in time for boot camp and spinning at the gym. Challenging day on boot camp with TRX. Spinning was great, feel like i put in a great effort. Still not standing up to do the sprints on the bike but making it challenging for myself on a seated position. I have been feeling great after a full day working outside walking on my ankle.
Thursday: Went to the gym and had a 30 minute bike session and a short stretch
Friday: Off
Saturday: Boot camp and spinning class at the gym. We had not had a boot camp like we did today in a long time. New instructor named Brandon gave us 5 simple workouts and rotated a couple times. After that he gave us another 5 exercises to do them on a faster pace. All 5 of us doing the class were on fire, not one backed down. Maybe it was the class that was fun and challenging. Sometimes that make it engaging. Spinning was great. John told me that he wanted me to challenge my ankle a bit by getting up from my seat on the sprints and i did and felt good. A bit of pain but not one to feel conserne over. Great yoga session after that. What a great 3 hour session this morning. I have not enjoyed a day at the gym in a long time.
Sunday: Off

Good busy week. Had great workouts at the gym and worked at Marin and my ankle felt good. Apart from Saturday, i took good care of my ankle by not irritating it too much in the gym and on spinning by standing up on the sprints. Saturday i did try standing up and it felt ok. I will try it again next Wednesday spinning and see how it feels. Overall i have been feeling super good. I feel i'm getting in a real good shape, at least better than i have ever been while racing ultras, both in my cardio fitness and the overall strength of my body as a whole. When my ankle is completely healed i will be in an amazing shape to get back at running. I have also felt a great difference on my left leg. The tenseness that i always felt sometimes goes away for long periods of time. Sometimes for days. Comes back when i sit for long periods of time. I attribute this change to the exercises i have been doing for the gluts.


Running: 0
Biking: 14 miles
Gym: 2
Boot camp: 2
Spinning: 2
Indore biking: 2, 30 minute session. 

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