Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back to running - Week 6 and 7

Monday: Made it to physical therapy at the hospital and was examined by the physical therapist. She had me do a bunch of walking, skipping, shuffling etc...workouts on the hallway. Different movements that she was closely analyzing behind and on front of me. We talked for a while and i was able to tell her extensively about the ankle and she told me to come back in 3 days on Thursday and that i go for a little run before coming in. She said to run to the point where it starts to hurt a bit and then walk for a bit and run again as soon as it feels better. We went over the x-rays i took last month and she did not see anything out of the ordinary. All the gaps in-between the ankle bones are normal. She also mentioned i took enough time for my body to have recovered even from a stress fracture which is much more serious than my injury. She told me that i should record the duration of the run until it started to hurt and to write down what i felt. I will do that and get back to her on Thursday.
Tuesday: First running session at the CCSF track. 30 minutes with a 7 minute walk in-between. Ankle felt good more or less. My knees were the ones that felt a bit weird. Just little pulse pain here and there with sharp pinches here and there but not too bad. Felt normal considering the time i have been off from running.
Wednesday: Second running session at CCSF track. 10 minute warmup with different exercises and then 30 minute running session. First 12 minutes i felt a bit of a pulse on the back of my right knee but faded shortly after. Then my ankle started to hurt a bit. Right around the top of where the foot and ankle begins, a bit more on the left side. This is my affected right ankle by the way.
Thursday: Ran from home to the hospital to my appointment. 35 minute run, felt great.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off


Week 7

Monday: Off
Tuesday: CCSF track session, 30 minute running session on the football field. About 9 min/mile, felt good.
Wednesday: Long day of work at Marin County Parks.
Thursday: CCSF track 30 minute run with a short dynamic stretch before and after. The run was comfortable, minus the tight left knee. Ankle was ok, felt a bit of soreness but not too bad.
Friday: Long and tough day at Marin county parks today.
Saturday: 1 Hour long run in two sessions at the CCSF Track this morning. First session was 45 minutes and then i stretched for a bit and then continued with a 17 mile run which was pain free. Felt good most of the time. the first 20 minutes i felt a bit of tightness on my right knee. This tightness i felt it traveling from the lateral side of my knee down the shin towards the ankle. Could be shin splints. The ankle was a bit in pain from minute 15 to about 25 or 30. Afterwards it kinda faded away.
Sunday: CCSF Track running session. Started out with a 15 minute stretch and then a session of 30 minutes running. This first session felt ok, minor tightness but definitely less than yesterday. After first session i stretched for another 10 minutes and then ran a second 30 minute session feeling less and less of the tightness that i felt when i started. I definitely felt less tightness than yesterday and less pain on the ankle. The ankle pain never went over a 3 on the scale of 1-10 throughout the entire hour. Total time was 1 hour at 8:45 min/mile and with a total distance of 6:87 miles. So excited to be back at it.

Week 6: 3 running sessions of 30 minutes
Week 7: 2 running sessions of 30 minutes
               2 running sessions of 1 hour.
               2 tough days at Marin County Parks

Two weeks of experimenting with running and today i'm sitting here thinking about yesterday's 1 hour long run and this morning's 1 hour long run. Both runs felt great, the pain, tightness, twitches that i felt when i started have slowly faded away. A bit of tightness here and there but significantly less than when i started. Ankle has been tolerating more and more of the running (time and length). Need to make sure i ice after the runs and take care of any inflammation signs. Summarizing the two weeks i would say that my body needed to get back to running to adapt to running again. I just need to take it easy and not go all out in short time. I will gradually increase time based on how i feel. Next week i will go back to 30 minute runs a day for the week and then i will get back to an hour and make that my new base for a couple weeks. Good to be back.  

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