Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 5

Monday: Rode to the gym (10 miles this time) and had an amazing gym workout + 30 minute bike session. Had a full workout focusing mainly on the gluts and ankles.
Tuesday: Excellent dynamic stretch at the gym and rode to Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and back home (14 miles).
Wednesday: Long day at Marin County Parks and made it to boot camp and spinning. I was tired from not sleeping well last night and the long day. Good effort at boot camp but spinning i took it easy the last 20 minutes. Didn't protect my ankle and i was just being careful, not worth risking all the progress i have made thus far. I hope i didn't do enough damage to regress on my progress. Will ice as long as i can tonight and tomorrow.
Thursday: Off, should not have made it to Boot camp or spinning yesterday. I was exhausted from Marin to begin with and had no time to rest or ice myself for a bit before going to the gym. I made it through boot camp ok but it was at spinning that i felt i pushed my self too much. 25 minutes before ending spinning i sat back from the bike and slowed things down. 15 minutes before the end i abandoned the class. I did not want to push my luck and further. Glad i did, i did a bit of damage on my ankle but not too much. Glad to see where my limit is.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Went to Mike's mountain bike race and tweaked my left knee. I was walking on the trail looking for the place on my phone and i stepped on a whole and my ankle rolled. My ankle did not hurt so much but my knee did. My knee tweaked and i felt it right away. It was painful when i extend my leg all the way and push my knee even further back. I felt this acute pain when i did that. After getting back i iced water my legs immediately. Pain was still there on my right knee.
Sunday: Off, pain is diminishing on my right knee.


Running: 0
Outdoor biking: 24 miles
Gym workout: 2
Boot camp: 1
Spinning: 1
Biking: 1 (30 minute session)

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