Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Injury update.

Is been a long time since i have posted any updates on this blog. For awhile i was forced to prioritize my time and energy to other areas in my life not to say more important but more important for the moment.

One update on my "injury" is that i'm getting better from my ankle injury. I have seen more progress in the last two weeks than i did in the previous 9 months. What was my injury? Initially it was a nasty ankle sprain that healed with almost no rehab whatsoever. My bad! After that, i got into a cycle of fear with every step that took me to loose confidence on my body and agility. This is a condition that Joe Uhan extensibly wrote about on one of his Irunfar articles. To make it short, this is a mental thing. After an injury, your brain sends messages that give a warning of potential danger in the affected area. I caught myself clenching certain muscles on my legs and that causes compensation by another and creates an imbalance that just gets worst with time. This causes pain and inflammation and  prevents it from healing properly. Check it out in this link.

Another update is that i have been active on my fitness for the last four months. And for this reason i feel stronger than i have been in the entire time i have been running ultras. I have worked on the specific, small things, as with the larger things too. The only thing i have not done enough is on mobility, the reason is because of my injury obviously. I am excited about 2014 and the races i have registered for and that's precisely my next update.

I registered for four races for the first half of the year.
Feb- Golden Gate 50k
Mar- Way Too Cool 50k
Apr- Grizzly Peak 50k
May- Miwok 100k
I may or may not run the Golden Gate, i will have to make a decision as i get closer to the date. It should be a good 2014.

One thing i want to point out is that i have found a training routine/schedule that works very well for me. I have found that on my race training before this injury i used to run or do something every day and i was going into trainings exhausted. Now i have been doing a specific training every other day and i feel great, with lots of energy to push beyond to 90 to 100% of my max. Before i wasn't able to do that because i was exhausted to begin with. This i giving me good results. I try to fill in the days i don't train with stretching, icing, foam rolling and all of the other important stuff that complements a runner's life.

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