Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monday March 11-Sunday March 18

Monday: 2nd session of Physical therapy today with tony at Valencia Muscle. Intense workout as i lifted about twice my weigh on the leg press. John noticed Tony and i were working and immediately told us i needed to lift twice my weigh on the leg press and on other areas. I appreciate John looking out for me like that, he is awesome. Other heavy stuff with legs included dead lifts and thighs workouts.

Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Still feel weak from whatever i caught last saturday . It feels like just a sore throat but the weakness i've been feeling the last few days makes it something more serious than a simple sore throat. I made an effort and made it to the gym today and do at least maintenance. With boot camp and spin class today it was hardly maintenance however. Managed to survive both boot camp and spin. Great effort at boot camp today. Spin however was another story. I felt very weak and so 15 minutes in i decided i was not going to push through the ups and downs. Cardio is unforgiving especially when you are not completely present, insight for future races. We usually do a combination of sprints resistance and more resistance at spin class. I instead opted for giving a nice flat effort from start to finish, no ups or downs no easy nor tough for me today. I did and i'm glad i did it. Felt a little stiff at the end for stretching but glad i took and followed through on my decision.
Thursday: Gym weight training today. Worked on the same routine i do with Tony and added 2 hip flexor workouts at the end. I was able to do the leg press with about 95 and 185lbs. of weigh and the rest of the workouts comparable to my last session with Tony. My legs feel great, super strong with less dis-confort due to tightness or weakness. The sharp pain on the side of my left knee however persists. When i feel this pain is mostly when i take days off and sit around for long periods of time. Tuesday i felt this a couple times. Today after my workout i felt no dis-confort whatsoever on this issue. I think time and   consistency at the gym is going to get me where i want to be. I just need to be patient and do what i need to do on a daily basis.
Friday: Ran at one of Valencia Muscle's treadmill today. I felt that the usual pain on the side of my knee that usually bothers me did not appear today. I however felt other stuff going on on my left knee that i had never felt before. I felt a slight quad soreness on the inner quad right above my knee. I feel that is nothing to worry about, i have the feeling is a muscle that was not working in the past and recently activated due to the intensive leg strengthening i've been doing. For the most part, i feel fired-up because for a long time i had not run 30 minutes on a flat surface without feeling the usual pain after 15 to 20 minutes after. Sometimes after 5 minutes i would stop running confused and upset. Now that i think about it, it makes sense that lifting twice your body weigh was going to be the best thing to do to prepare for running. When running you are constantly on one foot at a time and literally jumping on one foot putting all your weigh on a single leg. Great day overall.
Saturday: Off, i am disappointed on missing boot camp and spin today. A morning of cooking with the family is more important. I will feast (or i shall call it, carbo-loading) today and continue with training tomorrow.
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

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