Sunday, March 11, 2012

MondayMarch 5-Sunday March 11

Monday- AM: Gym workout today, did a session of my rehab routine. Light assisted stretch at PM with Karla.
Tuesday- AM: Excellent 3.3 mile run (46min.) from McNee Ranch entrance to North Peak. Not only did i run up to NP without any knee pain or inflammation but i hiked back (1 hour) downhill without pain or dis-confort whatsoever on my left knee. I did felt a little dis-confort on my right knee for about 5 minutes but nothing series enough to elaborate upon. Looks like what i'm doing for rehab is working well and i should continue patiently for a month +. I need to be patient and not attempt to run downhill, run too much  or long distances. PM: Light stretch and didn't need to ice my knee in the afternoon or at night.
Wednesday- AM: EXCELLENT Hazelnut loop run this morning. 28 min to the peak and 46 min hike down the hill. Didn't feel any pain or dis-confort on either knees as i ran and hiked an easy morning. Took the time to stretch for a bit before and after the run/hike, excellent news.
PM: Boot camp and spin class. I think Tony was angry during bot camp today and really made us pay for it. A lot of sit-ups and some combat combinations that were fun also. Spin class today felt so hard. Because i did a morning run and a hard effort in spin class i will never know if up to that point i was just tired or if it was a more difficult than usual class all-together. The important thing here is that i pushed way beyond my limit today and i raised the bar higher for myself. Good stuff!
Thursday- Active day off today. 5 mile walk to Noe Valley and cooled down my knee in cold water tub.
Friday: No Second Physical Therapy session today. Tony was out sick, re-scheduled for Monday. Maintained daily cardio session at the gym on the bike. 10 minute to surpass my 160 HR at a level 12. Nice stretch to cool off at the end. Deep stretch at home also, is amazing how sometimes penetrating to "pain territory" could be so tolerable. The quad stretch that has put me to tears during the last week was welcomed with open arms today. Didn't bother resisting it.
Saturday: Boot camp today was not what it sounds like. It was more like a warm-up. I bet the girls thought about this too. Spin class was also a little lame for me. With a crowded class, i didn't get a bike of my own and John was nice enough to lend me his. The bike however comes equipped with pedals that need appropriate shoes in order to get a good grip. I didn't have them and as a result my workout was a good 8 in effort. Got to talk to John today and i got some things about my knee cleared up. I now know my recovery path in it's entirety. Now the thing is to implement the information on solid training.
Sunday: Off

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