Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monday February 27-Sunday March 4

Monday- Extensive IT Band stretching and beating with the softball and glass bottle. I really beat the heck out of my it band.
Tuesday- 3.5 mile minimal run at Hazlenut trail today. Felt good the first 2 miles and then i felt a slight pain on my left knee. I was able to finnish the trail with minimal pain.
Wednesday- Boot camp and spin class today in the city. I thought last week's boot camp was tough but today's spin class took it to another level. The back to back boot camp and spin class is unique and will get my fitness to the next level if i do both Wednesday and Saturday classes offered and combine that with something else during the week.
John at Valencia Muscle diagnosed me with Patelofemoral Pain Syndrome today. I a'm just thinking to myself, "wrong diagnosis, wrong freekin treatment". A lot of time "wasted" but at the end of it all, i'm starting to see the light. I start treatment with John on Friday and will continue for a couple months. I already cancelled Montara 50K and will cancel April's race as well if i have to to focus on getting 100%. I hope this puts an end to this misery.
Thursday- Excited to start a new recovery process that seems to be the right one.
Friday- First rehab session today went great. Four or five Quadricep strengthening exercises followed, each one, by a specified stretch. I am surprised on how your body communicates to you based on your needs. Some of the stretches Tony applied on me today i have done in the past on my own without even knowing about them from the internet or any physical therapy program. First day of Physical Therapy is over with a lot of skepticism based on my past experiences but with a lot of faith it will be successful. I know some day i will come across the right exercise, training, physical therapist, yogi, chiropractor, or whatever else i have tried in the past and get this over and done with. Most likely though, is going to be a combination of all of the above.
Saturday- Boot camp and spin class today at the gym. I am feeling stronger doing the spin class, positive not only because i'm getting in shape but because my quads is the main thing i need to strengthen for my Patelofemoral Pain Syndrome problem. Today i was able to stand up and do the sprint spin series almost to it's entirety. Lifting off the bike seat and pedaling as fast as your legs can power while keeping yourself steady for 30 seconds takes a whole lot of balls. Boot camp today surprisingly was completely different from Wednesday's class. James, the instructor, focused on upper body weigh training and abs workouts. The last really revealed that i have a weak core. With a couple more sessions i will be better.
Sunday- EXCELLENT 2 mile Hazlenut trail run to the mountain peak with my minimalists shoes. Didn't want to aggravate my knee with inflammation so i hiked down the peak in about an hour. I felt great, no inflammation and no pain at all. 2 miles might not seem much at all right now but the road towards getting healthy is going to start with baby steps. I hope to repeat this up-hill run down-hill hike for a couple weeks until i get quad strength to allow me to run longer.

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