Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday August 13 - Sunday August 19

Monday: 2 mile run to CCSF Track and a session of dynamic stretches.
Tuesday: 2 mile run at CCSF Track and a dynamic stretch session.
Wednesday: TRX & Spin, excellent workout. Great energy, great people, great effort.
Thursday: Walked to work on my minimalist shoes and worked with them all day (2.5 miles).
Friday: Walked to and from work on my minimalist shoes (5 miles)
Saturday: Boot Camp and spin this morning, EXCELLENT workout. My best effort in months considering my body was not responding well.
Sunday: Off

                                  Running: 4 miles
                                  Walking/Hiking: 7.5 miles
                                  Gym: 2 sessions of both classes
                                  Biking: 45 min. Spin

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