Friday, August 10, 2012

Monday July 30 - Sunday August 5

Monday: 7 mile run from Whales Cove to North Peak of Pedro Mountain. Ran slower than normal on my way up the hill and bit faster on the down-hill. Felt ok, maybe a bit exhausted. For some reason my thyroid or something in my lower neck felt like it was closing up. It felt like sometimes when i drink pills with not enough water and the pill does not go down all the way and stays in the upper esophagus. Like that i felt like i had something i needed to get down with some water or as flem. A whole lot of flem kept coming out of there so i had get it out and spit it.
Tuesday: 5 mile run to and from the coffee shop. Felt good, nothing to point or worry about.
Wednesday: Ran to VM for TRX/Spin classes. 4.5 mile run at moderate speed. Felt great during Tony's TRX and John's spin. 15 minute ad-ductors stretch. Nothing important to point out, just business as usual.
Thursday: Walked to the coffee shop and back on my amphibians minimalist shoes on my way back (5 miles).
Friday: Off from activity, walked to Potrero and 24th st. (2 miles)today and to my surprise i felt a bit of tingling sensations on my VMO's. Never felt this before but due to the intensity of the last two weeks is understandable to feel this way.
Sunday: Steep Ravine 50k race (went off coarse and as a consequence got a DNF, did not finish). Completed 29 miles 

                             Running: 45.5 miles
                             Walking/hiking: 7 miles
                             Biking: 1 bike session at VM
                             Gym: 1 TRX, 1 spin sessions at VM

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