Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday July 23 -- Sunday July 29

Monday: 7 mile run from Whale's Cove to North Peak of Pedro Mountain, 1:14 minutes. 4 Mile hike to Coit Tower with sister and cousin.
Tuesday: 2.5 mile walk to the coffee shop.
Wednesday: Ran to Valencia Muscle (4.5 miles), and from bart station on my way home, for TRX & spin tonight. Had two excellent classes with Tony "the torture chamber" on TRX and John on spin. TRX was ok, i feel like i am better able to handle the exercises now unlike the first couple sessions. Tony i think has a lot to do with me pushing myself since he is such a great motivator, the class always goes by so fast with him. Spin with John was like always, challenging. I started off a bit tired with the known lactic acid creeping in my quads the first 10 minutes and then it went away. By 25 minutes i felt great with tons of energy. I feel like i pushed spin like i had not pushed in a couple weeks. Great feeling since i'm still on a no sugar or carb diet. Talked to John about no sugar & carb diet tonight and he advised me not to race on this diet. Just like i expect it, the body uses the stored carbs and fat on the body and when it runs out, it uses muscles tissue. This is where it causes injuries. John once more has proven to be a fantastic resource for my running, thank you John.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Ran to the gym for Boot Camp and Spin and back home through a steep mountain at Noe Valley. I think the estimated distance running was about 8 miles with a significantly steep elevation considering the kind of running i do here in the city. Boot camp was ok with Brandon for 30 minutes doing boot camp stuff and David taking over the second half with some core routines that are excellent. Spin was as always, awesome. Great effort and body felt great, no complaints. I just noticed i hardly talk about my knee anymore. That is great news, i want to do a bit more of the weigh training though. I'm 100% sure that was the key element to me getting healthy.
Sunday: 6.5 mile run 1:15 minutes tonight through the Noe Valley hills. These hills are great for training as they are steep and short. Felt great!

                Running: 25.5 miles
                Walking/Hiking: 6.5 miles
                Biking: 2 spin sessions
                Gym: 1 TRX, 1 boot camp, 2 spin sessions at VM

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