Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday July 16 - Sunday July 22

Monday: 5.50 mile run to and from work at a high speed. 7:20 min/mile in 42 minutes
Tuesday: 5 mile walk to and from work.
Wednesday: 7.17 mile run through work to the hills. 1hour 17 minutes at 10 min/miles
Thursday: 5 mile walk to and from work. 
Friday: 5 mile walk from home to work. I took my Amphibian shoes to work and worked with them                   all day and walked back home with them.
Saturday: TRX & Spin, David is strong and John i back from vacation.
Sunday: 4 mile walk with the mission protest ending at Dolores Park.

                          Running:  12.67 miles
                          Walk/hike: 14 miles
                          Bike:  0 miles
                          Boot&Spin: 1

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