Monday, July 2, 2012

June 25 - June

Monday- 4 mile jog with Karla and Kari at Golden Gate Park. Great day for karla, first five mile run in her life!
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- Boot camp and TRX, thought i was going to struggle more due to the fact that i'm not eating any sugars or carbs at the moment but i did ok. Not the same explosiveness as i had before but enough to give a good effort and go through both with comfort. Happy b-day John.
Thursday- 2.5 mile run home from work.
Friday- 2.5 mile run home from work
Saturday- 4 mile hike with Karla, Raquel and Ale
Sunday- 4 mile run with Karla to Valley T to watch the Spain vs. Italy final and back home.

                     Run: 13 miles
                     Bike: 0 miles
                     Hike: 4 miles

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