Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday October 1 - Sunday October 7

Monday: 2 cold water tub sessions and a foam rolling session after the ice cold water.
Tuesday:2 mile morning run to Glen Park Bart station and back home. Felt ok, no PFPS pain on any of the knees. Night ice cold water tub session, whole body this time not just legs. It is so hot in San Francisco right now that it felt amazing to jump in head to toe.
Wednesday: TRX & Spin, had a hard time doing both. Spin was so difficult, amazing how much a week of no exercise just slows you down so much. I was able to pull through with a great effort though. I felt great after the sessions and that makes me think i'm going to be ok sooner than i thought.
Thursday: Workout at the gym after work, one hour maybe of leg presses with a lot of stretches in-between each set.
Friday: Off, Hopi Astronaut's debut and a long day at work.
Saturday: Boot & Spin with Russ on boot camp and John on spin. Russ gave me special treatment by challenging me a bit more than everyone else. That is awesome on his part and i feel very grateful and fortunate. John was great like always, we talked for about an hour after the classes with a cup of coffee. I'm amazed at how great everyone has treated me in Valencia Muscle. So grateful to John, Tony, Russ, Enrique, and everyone else on optwinc. Great workout sessions this morning and great to feel so welcomed, that is just pure food for the soul. Thanks John.
Sunday: Worked, off from fitness.

Great start to my recovery, i had days of total recovery with great ice sessions and days of total chaos. Until Thursday my week was intense with great work and recovery/rehab workouts. Friday i felt absolutely exhausted from the moment i got off the bed till i got off from work only to find out i needed to go to Hopi Astronaut's debut at the bar. I will change it up a bit and start taking my bike to work to avoid being on my feet, literally, all day. This will save me a bit more energy i can use at the gym.

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