Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday: Off day with Karla at home.
Tuesday: Full weight workout this morning. I did the same routine i did with Tony a couple months ago and a few additional workouts. I also did 2 sometimes 3 different stretches in-between workouts.
Wednesday: TRX and spin tonight. TRX was a bit of the same, Tony 'the torture chamber' gave us a good workout. Nothing worth pointing out, just a good workout. Spin was also a great workout. John mixed it up a bit from what we are used to. We went from hill workouts at 8 or 9 force for 4 minutes to 2 force at full speed ahead. We are not used to doing that and that gave us a slap in the face. Great effort tonight.
Thursday: Workout at the gym, 1.5 hours of leg workouts and 20 minutes of biking targeting my heart rate.
Friday: Started with a 10 minute run on the treadmill and then a 1 hour dynamic stretch at the gym. Felt like something was going to break inside my knee, nothing specific just something was not right. Couldn't tell what it was so i stopped and that is when i decided to do a dynamic stretch routine today instead of a weight training routine. Good stretch after the routine.
Saturday: Great day at the gym for boot camp and spin. Super hard boot camp with Stas giving us a torture session with his distinctive signature. Great effort! Spin was great like always, 4 of us so John decided he was not going to take it easy on us and insisted on making it more challenging than before. Great effort here too.
Sunday: Off

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