Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 5-7

Some pictures and video i took at Western States 2011.
  • Wednesday Oct. 5: Yoga, is so good to talk to Katitte before yoga. Every time i ask her a question or make a comment, she responds with a response that makes me question everything. Today i shared with her, provably not a good idea, how the fried chicken i ate last week felt like a stone in my stomach the next morning in yoga. She responded by telling me how everyone in the world adapts their eating habits to whatever physical activity they do. As a person who practices yoga you cannot feel that brick in your stomach during class so you avoid having food like that as much as you can in the future. Your body is wise enough to tell you what you need to do to sustain your daily activities. 
  • Thursday Oct. 6: Yoga
  • Friday Oct. 7: Yoga, today i went to 6pm yoga and to my surprise Andrea was the instructor. Class today was so hard. I thought that because i did yoga Wednesday and Thursday, today was going to be, if not easy, less intense. I gave everything i had on all postures but couldn't handle the last stretching set. Can't believe how soaked in sweat my shorts were. I suffered but pulled through. I think Andrea's class could be the next step for me. She can really push me and i can use the challenge. Taking her class will be a great preparation for my races. After a week of her classes, any race will be a piece of cake. 

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