Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday 22-Friday 28

Sunday 22: Nice night run to twin peaks. Don't know how long the run was or the altitude but it felt good            considering it's pavement.

Monday 23: Yoga today was incredibly good. Even though i had not been in the studio for about a week, i felt  like i was powering over every posture from start to end. Great day.

Tuesday 24: 7 Mile run to the mission, felt good.

Wednesday 25: Yoga again was fantastic. What a change in my body. The new instructor from Colorado mentioned how she was a runner who injured herself, knee problem, and cured herself with sitting postures in yoga.

Thursday 26: Montara run 1900 ft. 1:13 min. 42 minutes to peak. The run was great, my way up to the peak felt the same as always, in terms of time not effort, but at the end of the run i shaved a couple minutes from last time. My impression is that i pushed myself on the first 2 mile uphills, more than any other day, and then on my way down it was so much more relaxed. About two miles away from Whale's cove i felt like putting the pedal to the medal and i did for about a minute and it felt fantastic. Great run today.

Friday 27: Yoga with Andrea was, as always, hard and painful. I thought that because in my previous 2 classes i felt fantastic, it was going to be the same. Boy was i wrong. As soon as i finished the first half moon i felt like it was going to be a long and painful 90 minutes. At the end i was able to pull through every posture strongly with great effort and the rest is benefit.
In the middle of all the suffering I couldn't help thinking how similar this yoga is to ultrarunning. It is those painful moments the ones to focus on and know how to control to be able to come out to better ones. The trick is to learn to deal with pain and discomfort. We live in a society that has grown accustomed to making everything, if not easy, more convenient and we have stepped away from dealing with every day tasks naturally. So much that stuff like this seems impossible to do. No to say that Bikram yoga and ultrarunning should be easy tasks.

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