Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday May 28 - Sunday June 3

Monday: Hike & light run with Karla at Muir Beach, about 3 miles.
Tuesday: Ran to VM, 3.5 miles in 31 minutes, and had a couple of adductors stretches. Afternoon run from Berney's to home, 2.5 miles 22 minutes.
Wednesday: Boot & spin with Tony and his torture chamber. Tony was off his head today, had an intense workout. John was very demanding as well, asked for a minute sprints standing up on the bike but it was actually 2 minutes long. That was so intense but it will get me closer to my potential for my next race.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Ran to VM, 3.5 miles and had a 1.5 hour workout with a 18 minute bike warm-up targeting heart rate, leg press, glut workout on machine, dynamic stretch and a full adductor stretch in between workouts.
Saturday: Off, for some reason i felt exhausted. Don't know if it was from yesterday's workout or from boot camp on Wednesday. I did have an extremely hard boot camp and spin wednesday night and my workout yesterday always drains me out. Met Adan's dad after work for a drink.
Sunday: Off

                       Running: 6
                       Biking: 0 miles
                       Gym: 1 Boot camp, 1 spin, 1.5 hour weigh training
                       Walk/hike: 2

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