Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday November 12 - Sunday November 18

Monday: Road trip to Tijuana
Tuesday: Road trip to Tijuana
Wednesday: NO BOOT OR SPIN! exhausted from lack of sleep from road trip.
Thursday: Full dynamic stretch routine with a bit of weight training.
Friday: Full dynamic stretch with some weight training. Discovered the healing benefits of one legged lunges, felt relief immediately in my usual knee injury. I think i just found the cause of my constant frustrations with 2 weeks to go before TNF 50M. What does this mean? I don't know. I just wish i had more time to do these kinds of exercises and see where they take me physically. Looking on long term basis though, i feel excited and in a way unaware of where this is going to take me. I have never been 100% healthy with the knee problems. I have not yet grasp what it's going to be like running with healthy knees and not inflamed/tense like i always have.
Saturday: Boot camp with Stas and spin with John. Boot camp was tougher than ever, Stas was on the house. We were challenged like he knows best and i think i was on an ok mood and somehow sustained his class well. On every other class i have come across Stas i always have one of those not so good days when i'm feeling weak and wanting to go back to bed. This time i challenged myself well and survived without too much signs of exhaustion/torture, good sign. Spin was like always, challenging. Great effort and nothing interesting to point out.
Sunday: Took Miguel to the park and taught him some basketball drills. Is been 4 sessions i have given him so far and i feel excited for him and all the progress he's making in such a short amount of time.

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