Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday November 5 - Sunday November 11

Monday: Gym workout, started out with 35 minute speedy run on the treadmill. Felt great, maybe a bit of inflammation but nothing to worry or stress too much about. I followed that with a 20 minute stretch routine with 5 to 6 different stretches a couple sets each. Then i did 20 minutes of spin biking and i followed that with a 15 minute stretch session of about 5 different stretches. Home ice bath at night, 2 sessions of about 20 minutes.
Tuesday: Gym training, started out with a 30 minute bike session targeting my heart rate followed by a session of 4 different stretches. 20 minute barefoot run on the treadmill because i forgot my sneakers at home...moderate speed. Felt great by the way. A session of lower leg workout was followed followed by a great stretching session to wrap things up. Great workout today.
Wednesday: 25 minute run at Noe Valley Hills with Rob...had very little sleep last night and felt like a zombie all day, to my bad luck, it was a busy day all day long. When it was time to go to the gym for boot camp and spin i was so tired and thought about just staying at home and chill. I went to the gym and put in a great effort on boot camp with Tony...tough night but overcame it with a great attitude. Before spin started i was completely wiped out of energy, thought about leaving at that point but i decided to stay and have a chance to get used to feeling like crap to mimic how i'm going  to feel like on dec. 1st on The North Face 50M. In the end I was able to survive spin class without aggravating my injuries more than they really are and i tore down  a big wall by staying through that class feeling like that. Great day, Thursday will be a day of maintenance.
Thursday: Off
Friday: Great foam rolling, stretch, and a bit of weight training. Sometimes you need to take a break from tough weight training, cardio and just listen to your aches and pains and attend them. Stretch the muscles, foam roll the knots on the legs and just follow what feels right. Great session of no specific thing, just attending what felt sore.
Saturday: Boot camp and spin this morning was good. Unlike last Wednesday i was a bit more rested and so i was able to put a bit more muscle. Boot camp with Russ was great because he pushes me a bit more than everyone else. I feel so appreciative for this treatment and a bit embarrassed with everyone in the class for the special treatment. Spin was tough like always but nothing special. Great to be back to great effort.
Sunday: Off

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