Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday November 19 - Sunday November 25

Monday: Dynamic workout with a bit of weight training.
Tuesday: Went to the gym at night after work and i had a good workout. Did speedwork on the treadmill (4 x 2min @ 6:35min/mile pace) on my minimalist shoes. Felt great! I had a nice dynamic stretch after with a substantial amount of weight training. I also did a 20 min session of stretching laying down.
Wednesday: Off, Karla's dad was in town.
Thursday: 12 mile run from home to Embarcadero 1:47 total time at 8:57 min/mile. Felt good, just a bit of tightness on the back of my knees. I think is because of not sleeping well and sitting around for too long.
Friday: 12 mile run to Embarcadero from home. 1:45 total time at 8:47 min/mile. Felt ok, not too tired and minimal to no signs of inflamed knee or Plantar Fasciitis. Good news.
Saturday: TRX and spin this morning. Had a good TRX session with Enrique with mostly upper body workouts. Nothing out of the ordinary to elaborate upon. Spin was good as always, tough. Gave it a good shot and did relatively well, competitive. I felt a bit tired due to the heavy training week.
Sunday: Off

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